Welcome to Prince Bishops Aikido Club



Sensei Tony Heseltine 6th Dan, Sensei Keith Murray 5th Dan




Here at Prince Bishops Aikido which includes Durham University Aikido Club we teach a practical and dynamic approach to aikido whilst maintaining the traditional principles, which make aikido a unique martial art developed by a unique person. The circular flowing movements with concentrated poise and re-direction of the attackers force and energy are the principal trademarks of aikido the secrets of which we want to share with you. We also train with weapons using the sword and jo (4ft staff) which form an important part of how aikido works at its most fundamental level. You will also learn how to defend against an attacker using these weapons as well as knife attacks. With the sword and jo not being the preferred weapon of attack by todays standards they can be likened to a club, bat or bottle; the methods are exactly the same